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Water Baptism Mar 2023

By March 31, 2023No Comments
I had been studying and learning about the different types of baptisms in the Bible, and the Lord impressed upon my heart that I needed to be baptized. I had originally been baptized over 20 years ago. After expressing my desire, I was surprised to know it was going to take place within a couple of days.
The night prior to the baptism I was asking the Lord what I needed to do to prepare myself spiritually and He told me all I needed to do was present myself and that He would do the rest.
It was my act of obedience that The Lord is looking for. In my heart I prayed for His gift of Intercession to be  upon me.
So on March 12 2023, as I was being lowered into the water, I had a vision seeing  myself going under the water and coming up.
Pastor Michael shared that when I was being baptized  the Lord gave him a vision and he saw a bowl of intercession that was full and I was being given a new bowl of intercession.  I understood the vision.
As I was thanking The Lord for His gift to me I realized He had His desire placed in my heart so I  would ask of Him. What a loving and mighty God we serve!
I am very thankful to the Lord for His goodness in all things.
Melissa Erskine
March 2023

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